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About us

We Are one of the Most proficient theatre companies

We specialize in Dance, Music and Drama, conducting workshops and consulting services for any arts projects.

With over 30 years experience amongst the members, We have attracted institutions and governmental agencies in the field of Theatre For Development, and are specialists in training people who are interested in developing their talents and making a career out of theatre.

We are committed to presenting theatre at its best with theatre afficionados as our members in and around the globe.

Our vision is to paceset and create trail blazing productions in the arts world. Our vision expands to becoming a conglomerate to encompass the print and electronic media as well as theatre, showcased in our quality productions.

What We Do

Services we Provide

Rehoboth Productions is dedicated to setting the pace in the arts world with trailblazing productions and a vision to become a leading conglomerate in print, electronic media, and theatre. 

We strive to create a Christian For collaboration and participation, email : info@rehobothproductions.live-website.com

Theatrical Workshops and Training

Empower Your Talent: Dive into the world of performing arts with our comprehensive workshops. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, our training programs are designed to hone your skills in dance, music, and drama.

Consulting Services for Arts Projects

Expert Guidance for Your Vision: Bring your artistic projects to life with our consulting services. Our seasoned professionals offer their expertise to ensure your productions resonate with audiences and achieve artistic excellence.

Theatre For Development Programs

Impact Through Art: Collaborate with us to create meaningful theatre that sparks development initiatives, engage churches, institutions and governmental agencies as a means of impacting the society positively.

Talent Development and Career Pathways

Craft your career in Theatre. Are you aspiring to make a mark and develop your talent or take it to the next level, join us and we will ensure you are guided towards a successful career and ministry.

Embark on a Creative Quest

Join us as we transcend the ordinary and venture into the realm of awe-inspiring narratives. With every project, we challenge the boundaries, ignite the imagination, and bring to life tales that linger long after the curtain falls.


How ready are you to obey God’s instructions, what length will you go to do
so? – Wholeheartedly, half-heartedly? Undiluted, compromised?
Do you think you have a say in God’s command?
Do the words of His instruction make you feel unloved, that God doesn’t
Do you feel that “you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul”
and as a result don’t have to obey God?
What is your life worth without God?
Do the things you take pleasure in really satisfy you?
Who matters most to you – God or people?
Find out answers to all these in ‘The Porter’